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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  February 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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4h all right, want to get back, oh shaping u day. at least we don't have to deal with any fresh rounds of snow that will accumulate that would you have to shovel away here. looking at "skycam 3", looks little cloudy for us out here. we have certainly been stuck in some very cold air for the standards as of late. so that cloud cover isn't helping to moderate our temperatures all that much. at least compared to what you would normally find. so out over the ben franklin bridge, at least you have got pretty clear visibility. but the cloud cover and the cloud deck is out there. meanwhile, how did we do yesterday? let's look at the choice few locations, we did pick up half foot of snow down across portions of sussex county as we anticipated. 6 inches fell in selby ville after said and done, shy of five fins cape may list gets little shorter here in terms of amount, anyway, as go further north. so in children an end dollars up with 2 inches, got even less than that the further north you went. here are the flurries ukee said he saw. see they are actually igniting
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and blossom withing time. not heck of a lot of moisture to work with here. this is more wind driven as a result of the wind flows turning more northwest, it is not a windy day but that is where that is coming f so no organized storm system waiting in the wings for us, nothing like, that i don't want you to worry about. that will yes don't be surprised if you see couple of snowflakes to go along with the cold air, 07 degrees in mount pocono, 26 in philly, and still only stuck into the lower teens down the shore right now so temperatures are still going to remain as a result well below average here, with that flurry out there. i would say the shore pretty much the one and only spopot that gets by without the possibility after flurry. otherwise everyone looking at some sun. just cold outside. 31 degrees at best down the shore, we should be in the upper 40's, at this time of year guys, and we don't have a prayer of even hitting the freezing mark here at this point. our next storm comes along sunday night as i mentioned earlier, looking at what may end up being pretty active week next week. vittoria, good morning. >> good morning, everyone, traveling out and about on the
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majors beautiful out there. no delays to speak of. it is 4:34. still the roads are sleeping. if your traveling on 95, no delays at all schuylkill, vine all looking great. >> this shot here is interesting. so, we were talking about that breaking news story off of the top, vehicle gone into a firehouse, off harbison avenue. if you are traveling in this area, it is a very active scene around van kirk and jackson. i actually passed this when i was driving into the studio this morning, you can still get by, it is very active, though. you will see a ton of police officers, ambulance, so on, so for the, because it did happen at the firehouse there and as i have heard in the breaking news story there is part of a medical aoun at this time had smashed into into the firehouse. so if you are make that turn, right around the stretch on harbison, it is winding. so very easy to go out of control here. we will continue to keep you updated on that. if you do have to travel, in and around this area, i would definitely suggest torresdale avenue. again, it is harbison avenue between van kirk and jackson is the incident intersection. torresdale again, good
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alternate. since it is still pretty quiet, not too many people on the road, you are good to travel through. that will as we take a look again, speed censors, high up into the 50's, no delays in pa jersey, delaware, beautiful, mass transit also in the clear. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. we are learning more about a manna cured of trying to join isis and his ties to our area. few month ago abore lived at this apartment complex in dover, delaware. court records show management at the complex sued him in august for not paying rent. a source with the dover police department tells "eyewitness news" he worked at a cell phone kiosk inside the dover mall. a neighbor was shocked to learn he allegedly planned to join isis. >> he could have reached out to anybody, you know, if you're not -- if you're a troubled youth, or somebody looking to fit in somewhere you know, he could easily fall into the minds and the trap that they offer to be your friend, they offer to give awe better life, they over you something that you might be
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missing in your heart than can appeal to anybody. so we got to be careful about thing like that. >> now, records show he also operated the kiosk in philadelphia, but authorities have not said where. >> now the revelations commas we learn new details about the man behind the mask in the isis terror videos. as we first told you yesterday morning, on "eyewitness news" us officials say muhammad amwazi known as jihad john, in the beheading videos of american hostages, 27 year old college graduate grew up in london. anti-terror officials began watching him when he traveled to east africa in 2009. in 2012 ace period from london resurfaced with isis in syria. >> meanwhile the parent of one of emwazi hostages, is speaking out. diane and john foley say the is government failed them while their son was being held captive. they spoke at the university of arizona last night. >> we really feel that our
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government needs to have a clearer policy, and be more up front about what they can and cannot do or will and will not do. we felt we were in the dark a lot. >> foley family also says they are developing a foundation that pushes for policies to help american citizens held captive world-wide. >> the clock is ticking for congress to pass a bill funding the department of homeland security. the current spending measure expires at midnight tonight. thursday house republicans agreed push forward a short-term bill without language reversing president obama's executive action on immigration. if approved, the measure would then go to the senate for final passage. and would push the shut-down off until march. >> the discovery of racist graffiti inside main line high school prompts swift frost administrators. yesterday school officials address the entire student body at radnor high school in a general assembly. day earlier, someone found racist graffiti scrolled on
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bathroom wall. the hate speech was photographed, and then painted over. >> i don't any there is like any real hate at radnor, where a community is like a great school. >> it doesn't look good for the school, but not all of the kids are like that. >> the letter was sent home to parents that red in part, quote, radnor high school and the district as a whole comdemn any and all messages that promote hate and intolerance. we're handling this matter with the seriousness it de selves. the vast majority of the student body is respectful, compassionate, and caring. some pennsylvania lawmakers want to remove one of the legal exemptions that allows children to skip vaccinations. under current law parents can withhold vaccinations because of medical religious philosophical evening. under pro polls dollars legislation, philosophical reasons, most used exemption would be removed from the law. supporters of the bill say the science is clear vaccines save lives and they want more children to be vaccinated.
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happening today, landscape remembers putting the finishing touches on their exhibits for the philadelphia flower show. the annual event officially kicks off tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. but we've had a sneak peak at some of the fantastic floral designs guaranteed to help you think spring. this year's theme: celebrate the movies. our nicole brewer is headed over right now. we'll have a live report with her starting on "eyewitness news" at a . can't wait for that. for a guide to all of the floral festivities go to our website loaded with lot of information including what's new at the 2015 flower show schedule of some very special events, and a list of attractions. our time now 4:40. the basketball world has lost a legend. up next, we'll look back at the career of oil lloyd, first african-american athlete to play in the nba. >> also ahead kanye west changing his tune, the message of controversial star, and
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other artists. we'll be right back.
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judge don't look now but of but kanye west is dishing out apologies. >> took peace. he recently jumped on the stage at the grammy awards, later said beck should have given his award to beyonce. that's all changing nowment on twitter, he said, i would like to publicly apologize to beck, i'm sorry beck. west went onto apologize to another artist saying, quote i also want to publicly apologize to bruno mars, i used to hate on him becomes i really respect what he does as an artist. i wonder which publicist got to him. >> exactly what i was thinking. >> look, man ... >> knock it off. say you're sorry. wow. >> good morning, young laid. >> i good morning. not looking bad at all. flurries out there as you said. you saw some driving on n definitely some showing up on the radar right now.
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not sign every things to come, rather, just winds flow turning. >> okay. >> don't worry about any kind of accumulation out of it. >> i was. like come on. >> we didn't call for this, what's going on? but that said, we will have very, very cold finish to the month of february here. at least we start to moderate up on the thermometer in time here. so into next week, we might actually see a seasonable day. how about that? >> right. >> and might even surpass it that's what i am calling for in the seven day forecast, so that's something to look forward to, right? but, problem is, it may come with a price of a couple of storms next womb -- next womb week. one pocket every isolated flu that's ukee had mentioned earlier. there it is, starting to blot women somewhat. again, just wind flow. see now not organized over the northeast right now so all that is from. nice wide zoom, though, this is not the next storm but rather, this is where the next storm will be developing from. so on the front range of the rockies, we are going to see a different round of precipitation develop this round, is essentially going to
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fizzle somewhat. and then we'll see the next large storm actually develop. soap, that means, we stay pretty quiet today tomorrow, come sunday see new storm moving on n so upper 20's today, upper 20's, tomorrow, we wrap up the month with temperatures that are 20 degrees below average. what else is new at this point, right? then we come into sunday, that's when we will actually see temperatures rebound. so upper 30s by this point looks like mainly the p.m. hours start to see this wintery mix take place hereof some rain, some sleet and snow. here's where we stand right now once more for you. mid 20's, teens even lower teens, or single digits, all depending on location, how much cloud you have. but it is still cold start to the day. we only get to you 29 this afternoon, into tonight under a generally clear sky. we bottom out to 12 degrees, and that means actually going have a chance to flirt with record low territory not just in philly but a lot of other locations, too see how we do. meanwhile 27 degrees tomorrow's high. solid 20 below the average. looking ahead sunday into monday morning p.m. hours of sunday so, that's why you have got the wintery mixon
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both of those icons there. by tuesday, there is already a new chance for rain. so, we have to keep an eye on how this atmosphere evolves with the timing on. that will we'll let you know. ukee back to you. >> the six remembers back home tonight against the washington wizards, both teens had lost five games in a roam, but the wizards are in the playoff picture. they are eight games over 500 and fifth place in the eastern conference. well, we are remembering this morning the first african-american athlete to play in the national basketball association. hall of famer earl lloyd made his debut with the washington capitols in 1950, and later played for the syracuse nationals, the team that later became the sixers. he won title with the nationals two more with the pistons, and later served as detroit's head coach at 6 feet five with exceptional skills, he was nicknamed the big catch. earl lloyd was 86. >> well, we will have some guests on our set later this morning, to tell you about sunday's flyers wives carnival.
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we'll visit with the girlfriends of jake voracek wayne simmons, zach rinaldo. one of the great fundraisers and a great time for the entire family. we'll have a talk about coming up 6:45 this morning. certainly hope you can join us. and the flyers fighting foreplay off spot and fighting with the mapleleafs. couple of flyers upset at the treatment of goalie steve mason who came in to relieve rob zeff. flyers were down three-nothing, but fought their way back into the hockey game. braiden schenn made it three-two in the final six minutes. but the flyers would end up coming up short. fly guys out shoot the leaves 47 to 17. but then up leaving this when the final score was three-two still four-point out of a spot in the post-season. flyers defenseman timonen said he's ready to go when the rangers come to town tomorrow night. thirty-nine year old has been out all season with blood clots. doctors have cleared him to play. they cleared him last week. he has been working out. so good luck to that young man, as the flyers continue their playoff punch. >> all right.
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>> still ahead apple hopes to spring forward with their new watch. >> we have the details for you coming up in the money watch report. first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> updating breaking news, a vehicle crashes into a firehouse. we have a live picture of engine 52, this is on van kirk street off harbison avenue. the driver was taken to a hospital for a cut to the head. the car went through that garage door, and there was minor damage to medic 32, an unit inside. >> video shows the latest victim in series of robberies her identity is being concealed. the woman told police she was maced and robbed of a smart phone near 17th and norris. police say there have been six attacks in that area this month. and, one of the men accused of trying to join the terror group isis once lived in this apartment in dover
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delaware. investigators say he also worked at the dover mall. that suspect is accused of planning to send money and fighters to join islamic state militants. your time now 4:50. let's get a check on business. >> money watch's joe wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange, where talk is over the scc sweeping new rules about net neutrality. good morning. >> good morning ukee, erika. comcast, at&t and other internet provide remembers expected to sue after the ftc approved those historic neutrality rules. it prevent broad band providers from favoring certain content or charging companies like netflix for faster express lanes for their content. president obama lobbied for these new controls, industry insiders though say it is a government over reach. and it will site full innovation, also create new taxes. so the bottom line this fight is far from over. >> that's right. hey, jill, we hear that the countdown is officially on for
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apple's new watch. what do you know? what's the latest? >> yes apple sent the media invitations to an event on march 9th. it is in san francisco. and it is called spring forward, reference of course to time, apple's expected to show off the watch some of its new features, also give information on pricing. alluminum sports model starts at $150. other than that the company has stayed quiet. >> this will be apple's first new product since the ipad was released in 2010. so a lot of hype. ukee, carriy? >> wow. starts at 350. >> hard to think so many new products since then. >> i'm telling you, more money. all right, jill, thanks so much. >> coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together. we do it on the 3's. we'll be right
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>> let's get traffic and weather together. vittoria, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. you know, still the roads are very quiet. all of the majors are still as i like to say sleeping.
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there is really barely anyone out there. as we take a look at the schuylkill expressway, montgomery drive, you will notice that there are no delays in either direction really, that's the case no matter where you are traveling right now. and it is not only traveling the schuylkill around center city philadelphia, but even throughout your western suburbs. we have very active shot as we make your way in toward northeast philadelphia. harbison avenue, this is the scene of the breaking news story, where the vehicle had gone into the medic center at the fire department in this area. this is harbison avenue, right around van kirk. so if you are traveling in and around this area, you will notice it is very active zone. you can still access harbison, but van kirk is closed as a result of this. we'll continue to keep you updated. let's get an update now with weather and kate. >> i tell you what, things looking pretty quiet overall. despite what the radar reads kind of had the problem yesterday, too, a lot of what we saw on radar wasn't verifying. but today even though it is verifying on radar i'll show it to you in a second, not really causing any problems. outside in live neighborhood network, definitely sort of cloudy start to the morning for us here.
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23 degrees, the winds turning more northwest, why you're finding few flurries out there, that's the only reason. otherwise, it is a quiet day we'll see some sun and we are stuck in the 20's again today and tomorrow. ukee? >> katie, thank you a check on stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. once touted as game changer for camden, 300-foot observation tower still has not gotten off the ground. the family behind north bowl opens a new location, and a review of will smith's latest film entitled focus. check in two three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" we're continuing to follow breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, where car crashes right into a firehouse. we have a live report coming up. >> also, it is the debate spreading like wild fire. what color is this dress? finds out about the craze it is caused on social media and what the cbs-3 morning team thinks as well. we're back at the top of the hour. see you in a bit.
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>> breaking news, a car crashes into a fire station. up. >> one of the man he he arrested foray tell to go join isis watch we know about habibob and his ties to our area. >> good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. first, quick check on the weekend forecast with katie. if you see a flurry don't worry, right? >> exactly, that should be the tag line of the day. i like. that will because it rhymes and everything. nicely done. >> thank you. >> we are, however, still erika, stuck in this brutal chill. we wrap up the month in the same fashion. there is also what looks to be
4:57 am
active week every weather coming our way next week. so, we will have all of the details for you all coming up. vittoria. >> thank, good morning everyone, so far so good on all of the majors, even take a look at the area bridges. >> this shot here the ben franklin bridge, pretty nice outside. doesn't matter where you're traveling on the majors, because things are so quiet. how much, off of the majors, specifically, if you are traveling in northeast philadelphia, at least not too far away on harbison, dealing with pretty serious incident, we were talking about it off the top, that vehicle, gone into firehouse. more details on that in just a bit. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. back to the breaking news in northeast philadelphia, there is a huge mess left behind after a car crashed right into a firehouse. >> it is engine company 52, medic 32, at van kirk and harbison. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us right near the scene. justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, right now the clean up now underway. take a look behind me. you will see to my left here, that's the unit that was badly crashed into just hours ago and to my right is the replacement. these are brought in when these units here, can no
4:58 am
longer be used so here's what happened. just before 2:00 a.m. this morning, the chief here tells me a
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